Hey Hetalians! Surprising news from Japan!!

Yes, we, Japanese Hetalia fans, were awfully surprised to realize that THE NEW COMIC SERIES OF HETALIA WAS KICKED OFF ON SHONEN JUMP PLUS TODAY.

"Shonen jump plus" is an online magazine so we can read the contents wherever we are and it’s also FREE!

New series is called “Hetalia World Stars.” Every new episode will be released TWICE PER WEEK (omg Hima-san… can you really do this…?), Monday and Friday Japan time.

You can see the first episode here (contents are all in Japanese): http://plus.shonenjump.com/rensai_detail.html?item_cd=SHSA_JP01PLUS00000032_57

* It may be hard to connect for a while.

To read the episode1, click the URL (copy and paste might work better for some reason) and follow the direction above!

Enjoy~ :D